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It’s happened to all of us at least once. We see this amazing item online, its price is just right and we place our order. When it arrives however, it’s not always as expected. Here are  more hilarious online shopping fails.



Tiny  Tent
In anticipation of an upcoming festival, this man realized he needed to buy a tent. A quick web search found him a tent big enough for two and at a very reasonable price. When it arrived though he realized why it’s always important to read the product description. He’d ordered a  big enough for two if those to happen to be small children or cat. Despite the tiny size, he went to the festival anyway and became the talk of the camp ground. Maybe he was hoping it would be bigger on the inside like with her tents or the TARDIS.

Ruined Surprise
This young woman wanted to surprise her mother and try to enlist the help of the online retailer to keep her secret. She and her mother live at the same address, so she didn’t want any identifiable labels visible. She wrote a message in the notes section before completing order asking the box remain plain with no mention of its contents. The merchants site obviously had a different opinion of what a plain box looks like. They printed her note on a sticker and placed it on the box. Needless to say her mother found out about the surprise.

Not So Cute
When this woman saw set of Ann summers PJS online, she thought she’d be getting some cute lounging jammies. What arrived was not exactly what she was expecting. While the design looks innocent and Victorian at a distance, it’s a little surprising upon closer inspection. Images of naked men and women some fornicating and engaging in sexual acts decorated the tank top and shorts. Not so cute after all, right? Definitely not something to be worn around the house if kids are present.

Balloons can come in all shapes and sizes from the traditional round shape to our favorite cartoon characters. So in ordering a pack of heart-shaped balloons, one would expect that when blown up they would appear like the photo right? Not so, in the case of one buyer that wanted to surprise his loved one. When blown up, the hearts appeared more like cats than the intended romantic design.



Sandwich Face
When ordering something online that we can’t physically see in person, we are putting a lot of trust in the cellar that they will indeed send us what we paid for. Most often, they get it right and everyone is happy. There are times though when the item received just makes no sense. This person ordered an iPhone case and it was a little surprised when the case she received replaced one man’s head with a sandwich.




Fancy Dress Fail
When it comes time for Halloween, people of all ages want to come up with jaw-dropping costumes for parties and get-togethers. One British woman ordered a tail to attached to the back of her wolf costume for a fancy dress party she was attending. So she was a little surprised when she opened the box and saw exactly what arrived. How is she supposed to attach this tail exactly? And that piece sticking up the back makes it look more like some kind of butt plug.

Oopsie Daisies
When special occasions roll around, many of us turn to the most traditional of gifts, flowers. Since the emergence of sites like 1-800 flowers, it has become incredibly simple to order elaborate bouquets that will be delivered right to the intended’s door. There’s just one little problem. Photographers can take amazing photos of what we expect to receive but the actual result can be pretty scary. This person discovered that too late when the flowers they ordered looked nothing like the photo on the website.




In Nottinghamshire, England one father saved up for a whole year to buy his son the limited edition Xbox one console for Christmas. It was sold out everywhere, so when he found one on eBay for a seemingly unbelievable price, along with a Fifa game, he thought it was his lucky day. However when the parcel arrived, he discovered that he’d been duped. Inside the envelope was a badly printed photo of this sought-after console with thank you for your purchase written on the back. The title of the auction was Xbox one fifa day one edition, photo brand-new UK 2012. But he bypassed the word photo when purchasing it.




Teeny-weeny Bikini
Some parents have concerns about their kids and teens wandering alone through the vastness of the internet. However one mother needed to be more worried about her 16 year old daughter’s wardrobe and attention to detail. When the girl ordered a weaved bikini, the top that arrived only fit the family cat.

A Chicken is a Chicken
Sometimes an item is not available once it’s been ordered, either due to an error on the site or a miscount in inventory. At times like these, many companies either halt the order until the product is restocked or offer a similar item as a substitute. However, there are times when the substitution isn’t what we’d expect. Instead of the roasted chicken, this woman ordered from her local Sainsbury’s, she received a plush chicken with a pink bow. Hopefully they had alternate plans for Easter lunch.



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