What You Know About Cowboys And The Wild Wild West

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The Untamed West the last frontier where death walks in the open Alone man need the struggle of good versus evil I can see his trail off in the distance he will be here soon  and only I can stop him the rugged cowboy hero of the West. Actually the cowboy wasn’t the hero of the West at  allWow a wild west town or the Hollywood version anyway there is so much to debunk here. Composite of several  different movie Cowboys and the movie version of the Wild West had nothing to do with the real history. What i’m wearing is about as historically accurate as what you are wearing you should really be dressed like this. Real cowboys didn’t shoot bad guys they herded cows they were basically just laborers.




Cowboys with the law in these towns strolling around the town with flashy gunplay was that time so, it says no guns the law was the law in Wild West towns and many of them actually have stricter gun laws in those same cities today. Frontier towns were industrial economies  where people came to mine or herd cattle so many of them required visitors to check their firearms upon entering. Actually most Cowboys werent white at all a third were Mexican and a quarter were black. D.H Figuerido Author of the Chronicles of the Meixans in the  West. When the truth is that America knows most of this cowboy traditions to Mexican culture Spain introduce cattle to Mexico in 1500s hundreds that’s when the akiro or cow man was born.

That’s why so many cowboy words derived from Spanish lasso, rodeo, Mustang, Bronco, even chaps. After the rise of the movie industry American popular culture is dominated by the image of the white andtall cowboy because actors like John Wayne and Gary Cooper with once cast to play cowboys in the movies. The long history of a black and Latino Cowboys was forgotten.



See for many years Americans thought of wild-west settlements as trashy places but Buffalo Bill changed all that with his touring Wild West shows. It was a circus shot with a simple storyline but as he tour the country the country it popularized the image of the Wild West as we know it today but that’s all it was a simple story.


First off you are lumping together 500 federally recognized tribes and cultures nobody deserve to be called savage. secondly Cowboys didn’t fight Native Americans our government did. For centuries the US government systematically force native  people off their land then gave it to white homesteaders and then either kill the natives or confine them to reservations. We didn’t need protecting from Native Americans they need protecting from us our government straight-up invaded their home. Yeah you should because Americans have known about this for over a century but instead of confronting it we’re still propagating a false image of the Wild West we got from a hundred-year-old circus act.


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