The Real Hero of The West

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The real hero the West wasn’t a person at all. Let me tell you the real reason Cowboys. Desert is a cruel and inhospitable realms this is not place to the city slicker like you. That’s true in fact it’s no place for anybody frankly the West probably never should have been settled at all until surprisingly recently very few people lived in these deserts Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico are harsh barren places with no water and temperatures that regularly reach the hundred and tens people really only moved out west to work and once that work dried up they kept moving to more hospitable lands.


seoIn fact homesteaders who were given land in the Mojave Desert quickly abandoned their properties and these places all became ghost towns. So Cowboys like you aren’t my modern Americans live out West. The only reason most people live here today is because of revolutionary modern technology. It’s the future with the use of  modern technology to live here we pipe cold air and water into this unlivable wasteland in defiance of God himself.


This is cool easy feeling some unnatural exactly its air conditioning the real hero of the Wild West. I feel so chilly that’s because we use vast amounts of energy to officially terraform this desert wasteland and it’s all thanks to the federal government Federal Government. If you want to bring water and power to your inhospitable desert try the Hoover Dam another federal spending project built in 1935 it was the tallest damn in the world the time and it can be yours for nearly 800 million in today’s dollars.



Between 1950 and 2000 Arizona’s population quintuple and Nevada is exploded by almost 1000 percent. So remember while tough guys like this want you to think that they did it themselves the West as we know was brought to you by modern technology and massive federal spending without them the West would still look like this. Here’s where it starts to get really interesting one of the reasons movie theater here’s first took off was they were the first public buildings to regularly feature Air Conditioning.   It’s cold inside also has shown some stupid cowboy picture. This brought a huge influx of cash to the movie industry and since the new gold rush opportunists like your hero Wyatt Earp went to Hollywood to peddle their tall tales.

But rodeo shows that when the public’s appetite for frontier fiction from the silent movie era through the nineteen fifties one out of every five movies made was a Western and it was these films that finally solidified the image of the lone rugged cowboy you know today. So you see the modern West was settled by air conditioning, air conditioning gave birth to the movie industry and movies created the myth that Cowboys like you settle the West. Isn’t that cool outcomes around like that and history is so poetic sometimes. So it’s all a lie in my fictional self image was created by  machine and massive federal spending don’t forget that.



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